the manny

If you want to see rich people act really rich, go to St. Henry’s School for Boys at three p.m. on any weekday.


Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

WHEN PEOPLE ASK ME what I do – taxi drivers, dental hygienists – I tell them I work in an office.


THERE IS ONE mirror in my house.

Vinegar girl

KATE BATTISTA WAS GARDENING OUT BACK when she heard the telephone ring in the kitchen.

der fall collini

Später würden sich alle daran erinnern, der Etagenkellner, die beiden älteren Damen im Aufzug, das Ehepaar auf dem Flur im vierten Stock.

The Year of the flood

In the early morning Toby climbs up the rooftop to watch the sunrise.


Send the boy to Apollonia.

Alles paletti

Der Frühling 1998 war kein richtiger Frühling.

to a mountain in tibet

The sun is rising to it zenith.

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